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Fully Adjustable

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Uniquely designed with your pet pig in mind – no clasping or buckling required! Using a continuous piece of padded nylon rope, the step-in style construction of the harness allows you to secure your pet with simplicity. Fully adjustable – grows as your pet pig grows.



Hello! We’re Billy and Serina, husband-and-wife and cofounders of SATX Pet Pigs | PORCINE Pet Shop.

We aim to bring joy and happiness to pig parents through the bonding process of pet pig ownership.

Our mission is to provide educational resources, products, and gear that help foster a relationship of trust and cooperation through practicing cooperative care.

We love the joy and happiness that pigs bring to people, so in 2019, we opened our Piggy Petting Zoo, Party Pigs, and the PORCINE Pet Shop.

We have served the pet pig community since 2019.

Billy & Serina Minefee