pet shop for pigs

Be confident in welcoming your new piglet into your home!

How to Prepare For Your New Piglet

Guided Course


You're getting a pig as a pet, and now you're thinking,

"How do I prepare for this baby to come home?"

"What do I need?"

"What am I supposed to feed him?!..."

Don't worry,
we've got you covered!

how to prepare for a new piglet

✓ Be as prepared as possible for bringing home your new piglet.

✓ Get answers to the most common questions new pig parents have.

✓ Learn what you need to ensure your pet pig is healthy, happy, and well-cared for.

✓ Have confidence in adding them as a new family member.

✓ Get advice on nutrition, housing, grooming, and more; learn how to provide your new piglet with the best possible care.

Get the answers to over 30 of the most common questions & concerns most new pig parents have!

Topic #1
Basics & Essentials

Learn everything from piggy-proofing your home to what piglet essentials you should have on hand.

Topic #2
First Interactions

Know what to expect after getting home with your piglet;
Learn all about trust-building and potty training.

Topic #3
Daily Life

Learn about feeding, bathing, providing enrichment, and socialization.

Topic #4
Cooperative Care & Bonding

Get introduced to "the way of the pig" and how to troubleshoot common issues.

Topic #5
Veterinary & Maintainence Care

Get help locating a vet that sees pigs. Learn how and when to deworm your pet pig;
Get advice on hoof, skin & tooth care, plus more on pig health.

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