What’s a Kunekune Pig

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Kunekune pigs are considered the gentle giants of mini pigs. Unlike their more diva-like cousins, the American Mini Pig, Kunekune pigs are known for their calm and laid back demeanor.

Because of their friendly nature they can make great pets!

Gentle Giants

Kunekunes are to pigs like Great Pyrenees are to dogs.

They are likely to weigh 300 pounds and stand 24 inches tall as full grown adults.

So they are relatively large compared to your standard mini pig which averages about 160 pounds and around 16 inches tall.

Grazers Not Rooters

Because of their shorter upturned snouts, kunekune pigs are more likely to graze (eat the grass) and not root up the soil like pretty much all other pigs do.

This natural grazing instinct also attributes to their larger size. Just like with any pig, the more grass they eat the larger and faster they will grow.

According to most kunekune pig experts on the internet, it’s common to supplement them with alfalfa hay when they are not grazing on pasture. Whereas, hay is not always recommended or even necessary to maintain your standard mini pig’s nutritional needs. 

Listen to The Pet Pig Podcast by mini pig expert, Autumn Whitacre of Autumn Acres Mini Pet Pigs to hear an interview with new pig owners who overcame obstacles regarding pig size.

This is an excellent podcast to listen to if you’re unsure whether or not a kunekune pig is the right choice for you.

What Are Wattles?

Perhaps one of the most interesting of all kunekune characteristics are their wattles – decorative “jewelry” that hangs down on either side of their jawline.

They are called Piri Piri in their original land of New Zealand. Similar to goat or turkey wattles, they don’t serve any known purpose or function.

Download Your Free Kunekune Pig Guide + Resources

In the above downloadable PDF from the American KuneKune Pig Society, you will learn the basics about the KuneKune breed of pigs.

For more in depth reading about these amazing animals, including information about  we recommend the following resources:


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