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Fill your heart’s desire to love and care for a pet pig of your very own!

Loving and caring for a pet pig can be very rewarding, but with a big reward comes big responsibility.

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Piggy Petting Zoo

Have you ever wondered what petting or holding a pig is like? Or what it's like to be around pigs?

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Pig Party San Antonio, Texas


Our signature harness was designed with your pet pig in mind - shop harnesses + products for your pet pig here.

Bringing You Smiles and Happiness!

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Whether you want to see our piglets for a birthday surprise, an informative lesson, or just because you want to hold a baby pig – our nursery pen is open just for you!

We also have adult pigs that love attention, too!

Words from The founders

Hello! We’re Billy and Serina, husband-and-wife and cofounders of SATX Pet Pigs | PORCINE Pet Shop.

We aim to bring joy and happiness to pig parents through the bonding process of pet pig ownership.

Our mission is to provide educational resources and guidance to pig owners that help foster a relationship of trust and cooperation through the method of cooperative care.

We love the joy and happiness that pigs bring to people, so in 2019, we opened our Piggy Petting Zoo, Party Pigs, and the PORCINE Pet Shop.

We have served the pet pig community since 2019.

Billy & Serina Minefee
Mini Pig Harness and leash


Taking your pet pig on adventures has never been simpler.
With our unique Mini Pig Harness & Leash, your piggy steps right in, and you secure it effortlessly.

Designed with your pet pig's comfort in mind, this harness features a hassle-free, walk-in design—no clasping or buckling required, offering swift and stress-free harnessing.