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We currently have four sows (breeding females) and three boar (breeding mal

Amyrose | 3 Years Old |

Amyrose was born in October of 2018. We rescued her in January 2021 from an overcrowded pig pen situation. She was already pregnant when we brought her home. She is our least socialized adult pet pig, but we love her nonetheless! Her spotted coat and short, little turned up snout is what makes her absolutely adorable. We also love that her piglets tend to have a submissive nature to them.  She is the smallest of our breeding sows and has the signature potbellied shape to her body. Since she is spotted, she could be considered Juliana as well.

Daisy May | 2 Years Old |

Daisy Mae is a great piggy mama and an absolute pleasure to have inside our home. She came from a well loved family that was no longer allowed to keep her due to issues with their HOA. Her piglets are well impressioned by her trusting of humans and house-pet nature. She has a slender shape more so than that of a potbellied pig. My guess is that she is some mixture of Juliana and potbellied pig.

Baconstein | 4 or 5 Years Old |

Baconstein was our very first pet pig. We found him on Craigslist for $50. He was calm in nature and has been ever since. The previous owners were not certain of his age, but I guesstimate he is about 4 or 5 years old due to how he hasn’t grown in size or stature in well over a year and by the size of his tusks. He appears to be full potbellied pig since he has that short and stalky build with the signature potbelly.