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Is a Pet Pig Right For You?

Are pigs legal where you live?

Are pigs legal in the city?

Please check with your local municipality to see if pigs (livestock) are legal within the city where you live.

Pet pigs are not legal in San Antonio city limits.

Even if your pet pig will be spending most of the time indoors, pigs still need outdoor time to fulfill their natural rooting instincts and to go potty.

Do you have a securely fenced in yard?

Do you own your home as opposed to renting?

Pigs have a natural instinct to root. They need to have plenty of space to root and graze in grass, otherwise they can become destructive and even aggressive if they suppress their natural instincts.

Apartment dwellings and rental houses are not the best option for having a pet pig.

Do you have room for your pet pig to have it's own designated enclosure/area?

Having a designated area inside your house will keep both your home and your pet pig safe and happy.

Something like this 4×4 enclosure or even a pack-n-play to start out with work great.

Are you willing and able to put in the work to train your pet pig so that it does not train you?

Pigs are very smart animals! They can also be very manipulative. Since they are herd animals, they are constantly trying to be at the top of the hierarchy or chain-of-command (top hog.)

That’s why it takes a very dedicated owner to help keep their pet pig in their place and not let them develop bossy behaviors.

Are you aware healthy pigs live 15 - 20 years?

pigs behind bars

The last thing we want is our pigs to end up in a rescue or sanctuary. Taking on pet pig ownership is a very long commitment.

Please consider any lifestyle changes or changes in your living situation that may occur even 5 or 10 years down the road.

Are you aware that healthy adult pet pigs will be about the size of an English Bulldog and will likely weigh around 90 - 160 pounds?

Mini pigs are classified as any pig less than 300 pounds, so compared to an 800 pound farm hog, mini pigs are quite small.

But compared to a chihuahua, mini pigs are relatively large. Pet pigs should be considered medium to large as far as pet size goes.

Just like any baby animal that gets big, mini pigs will get big too.

Are you equipped to potty train with love and patience?

It can take six months to a year for your pet pig to become fully potty trained.

By 4 months old, they will most likely be ready to go outside to potty full time, but in the mean time proper us of potty boxes and gradually expanding their roaming area are imperative to have potty training success.

Are you and your family in this together?

Having the whole family in on this journey together will give you the best chance for success!

Pigs thrive on schedules and routines, so having the whole family help with feedings, play time and enrichment, and staying on top of potty schedules will help make piggy happy and the family happy too.

Do you know what veterinarians in your area see pet pigs?

pig vet, veterinarian

Not all veterinarians will see pigs. Pigs are considered livestock. You can Google “livestock veterinarian near me” to find a vet close to you that will see pet pigs.

Did you answer Yes to all of these questions?

If you answered yes to all the questions in this quiz, you can now fill out the FREE adoption application below!

If not, please take some time to further research pet pig ownership before applying to adopt.