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Purchase Agreement (Sample)

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Upon approval of your application, we will email you a purchase agreement like the one below for you to sign and return. You will then be prompted to leave your deposit.

SATX Pet Pigs | 19877 Trumbo Rd. San Antonio, TX 78264 | (210) 725-7562

This contract made this ____ day of _______, 20________, and between SATX Pet Pigs / Serina Minefee (breeder)
and _______________________ (buyer) is in regard to the sale of the following Pet Pig:

Sex: _____________
DOB: ___________
Color/Markings: __________________________
The above named pet pig is being sold as a Pet/Companion Animal for the sum of $_____________. A deposit of $__________
must be paid to hold the above pig and is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Deposit: $__________
Final Payment: $________

*Above pet pig has been found to be in good health.
*Above pet pig is up to date on immunizations and dewormed. * Above pet pig is spayed / neutered.

At the time of sale, this pet pig is considered and being sold as pet quality. SATX Pet Pigs, breeder, offers no guarantee that
disqualifying faults will not arise at a later date which would make this pet pig unsuitable for showing or for breeding.

*That all vet bills are the responsibility of the buyer.
*To keep the above pet pig up to date on all immunizations and health care
*To notify breeder if they can no longer care for the pet pig and will give the breeder first chance to take it back
*Provide pet pig with routine preventive care such as annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian.
*Give all immunizations and administer worm preventative twice yearly.

This contract applies to the original buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party. This contract is null and void if any of the
terms and conditions are not fulfilled.

If the above pig should develop a severe genetic disease and can no longer function as a Pet/Companion Animal the breeder will
replace, at no charge, with a comparable valued pet pig. The pet pig will be replaced either from the same litter or from a future litter within a
year of the pet pig being returned to the breeder. A proper letter from the vet stating the problem found and the vet’s opinion on the viability
of the animal must accompany the returned pet pig.

NO refund, in part or in full will be given for the following: There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for
example: Coccidia, pneumonia, mange, mites/scabies, growths, allergies and other autoimmune system disorders that are not covered
in this guarantee.

This guarantee does not include a specific weight of the adult pet pig.

The buyer agrees that they have been given
adequate information on the proper diet including portions and the importance of exercise.

The buyer also agrees that they have been
informed of the effects of overfeeding and obesity of pet pigs.

The buyer understands that owning/caring for a pet pig is a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT, as they can live to be 12-20+ years.

This contract applies to the original buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party.

I have read the above contract thoroughly and understand and agree with the terms set forth in this document. I also understand this is
a binding agreement and will abide by the terms we have agreed above. I acknowledge my acceptance of this contract with my
signature below.
Name: ____________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________

Phone: ___________________
Email: ____________________
Buyer’s Signature: _________________________________
Co-Buyer’s Signature: ______________________________
Date: _____________
Breeder’s Signature: ____________________________________
Date: _____________
I, the buyer have received a signed copy of this agreement for my personal records__________________ (Initials)


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