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San Antonio's only pet pig adoption service. We strive to maintain the most ethical breeding practices, and work hard to raise healthy, socialized, well-trained pet pigs.

woman laying down with a pet pig

5 Tips for Bonding With Your Pet Pig

You love your pet pig, but are you struggling to figure out ways to connect with them?Β  Here 5 fantastic bond building exercises to help you and your pet pig thrive and live your best lives together! #1 Establish Trust With Floor Time Known as “floor time” in the pet pig community, this is literally …

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pet pig health care maintenance

Deworming Your Pet Pig + FREE Printable

Why deworm your pet pig? Is it necessary? The short answer is, yes. Pigs should be dewormed on a regular basis to keep them healthy and happy. According to the American Mini Pig Association (AMPA) pigs are susceptible to contracting both internal & external parasites quite easily. Pigs can contract parasites from soil, grazing, other …

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